The mightiest oak in the forest was once just a little acorn that held its ground.

Our beliefs drive our service.

Our business sprung out of the need for a simpler deliverable product and service offering to our customers. Most of our clients wanted an easier method of conducting business,  especially after the changes that came with Health Care Reform and the challenges that come with the growth of their own businesses.

​Customers prefer to pick up the phone once and get their issues resolved. Robertson Insurance also has a distinct advantage in that we are not limited to any carrier or logo, just our customers’ needs, and budget. This has been the biggest difference in our business model in relation to other agencies.

​Robertson Insurance Group is personalized customer service, access to ALL lines and carriers, and a locally-owned business only one phone call away.

Things needed to be streamlined. That's where we come in.

Meet Us

Carol Erdrich, Aron Robertson, Anita Carrasco